Digitally-Enhanced iPad2 Interactive Chandelier

Last week design firm Rockwell Group's interactive team, The Lab completed their latest project aptly-named The Build Up!. The one-night-only install came in the form of a four-sided hanging screen, designed and built for the 25th Anniversary National Building Museum Honor Award Gala in Washington D.C. Using iPad software and projection apps customized with openFramework for the project, the 18' x 18' geometric structure displayed animated colorful cityscapes high above the guests at the event.

But the installation was more than just a digitally-enhanced chandelier. Guests were encouraged to interact with the skyline (and one another) by using one of four iPad 2-embedded pedestals to create miniature buildings, forming a virtual metropolis of epic proportions. As guests tap and play using the specialized iPad apps, skyscrapers sprout up in bright hues, creating nearly instant interactive gratification. With the proper amount of feverous construction, the cities really come to life as virtual balloons, blimps, and fireworks erupt to celebrate users' architectural accomplishments.


Moby ⚡ Destroyed ⚡ HUH. Magazine

“Artists shouldn’t have to worry about keeping the lights on and pay the rent. They should worry about making really compelling art.”


Frank Ocean ⚡Acura Integurl⚡

Playmate ✖ Francesca Frigo ✖ Mars Blackmon

“It’s The Shoes!”  ㋡

9th Wonder: The★Wonder★Year

The Wonder Year - Trailer from LRG on Vimeo.

Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg give us the golden rule when having a "3-Way" in their latest SNL Digital Short with Lady Gaga which debuted during last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. If you missed it, watch the hilarious digital short above


Brooklyn Circus Spring Varsity Jacket

Brooklyn Circus 2011 Spring Varsity Jacket WITH Super dope colorways. Awesome attention to detail, with the butter soft leather accents, brass snaps, and silk lining.
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Highsnobiety TV ⚡ A Set Free Minute w/ Mos Def

“It’s not about expressing status or power. It’s… deeper than that.”


Kanye West ✖ Tony Burch ⚡ Met Gala

Yeezy rockin the custom Tony Burch tux at the Met Gala.
Got the funny, feminine face… feelin yaself huh Ye?...
Swizz Beatz - Everyday (Coolin')

Princess Diana ✖ Balmain

Princess Diana walking for Balmain… "these guys are 15 years ahead of the trend." 0_o
"If you believe believe that, then i have a bridge to sell you..."

Kevin Hart ✖ 40 Year Old Virgin


TI$A ✖ "The $tyle Syndrome"

TI$A introduces a new aesthetic on LA style, with the clips from their later to be released style documentary. Shot on location throughout Los Angeles, this piece features specific items that will be debuting throughout the Summer months, along with hinting at the introduction of the FW11 Loafer collection.

Dom Kennedy ✞ When You See Love
“i want to be so fcking dope that is offends people…
I want people to feel a little disrespected when I show up.”

Today Now! Interviews The 5-Year-Old Screenwriter Of "Fast Five"

Interviewer: Now before we go Chris I have to ask you this, is there a chance we’re going to see more Fast & the Furious sequels?
Kid: yea!
Interviewer: How many?
Kid: six hundred!
Interviewer: Whoooa. Well I know where I’ll be every summer.

Keith Haring ⚡ Documentary

Kate Moss ⚡ Queen of London ㋡