Attention to Detail

When I see people with fresh looks and a right amount of accessories that are different or dope, I wonder what they were thinking about when they put it all together.


Jasper's ☞ Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Finally tried the famous baby back ribs at Jasper’s (rated in the top 3 Best in the Country). Not my favorite dish from Jasper’s, but when not taking the rating into consideration, I was not disappointed. Rarely do I eat ribs. Even at BBQs I’ll skip over them and seek out the boneless meats, but on this day I felt compelled to step outside of my usual Seared Salmon & Polenta to try their most famous dish.
There is a perfect amount of meat, with a great infused flavored to be complimented with the AWESOME potato salad, and a side of tangy BBQ sauce. Not the best pairing for a glass of wine, but an amber beer would match it very well.
Best dishes from Jasper’s in my preferred order: Seared Salmon, Bourbon BBQ Pork Tenderloin, **Baby Back Ribs, and then the Grilled Shrimp and Pork Tenderloin Brochette.

Movie Review ✖ Trancedent Man

★★★: Informative & Interesting
Inventor  and futurist Ray Kurzweil is the subject of this documentary that follows him on a world speaking tour in which he expounds on his ideas about the merging of man and machine, which he predicts will occur in the not-so-distant future. Here he raises eyebrows with his wildly optimistic views of a technology-enhanced future.
This is a poorly put together documentary predicting an “iRobot” type theme for the future, which will hold your attention regardless of its chaotic editing.
Kurzweil’s points and opinions around the advancing speed of technology seem to be correct, but you have to wonder how long can it continue to accelerate. When it reaches the point of advancing the human perceptive, I feel there will be a change in the rate technology progresses, or a complete evolving of something new. Perhaps Ray Kurzweil is correct in his predictions of the creation of Artificial Intelligence, but at that point in time I think we will have a small speed bump. The domination of A.I. over the world in twenty years doesn’t seem very logical. People have been predicting these sort of events since the 1960's. Maybe Ray's own intelligence and ego have gotten the best of him. Although this is a wonderful jumping off point in understanding the ideas behind technical advancements and their capabilities. The film isn’t potent or concise enough to really give us the full picture of Singularity.


Jaguar XKR-S

Jaguar not usually known for having fast cars, has introduced this sport edition of the XKR. Other than the aero-kit, the Jag has added a unique exhaust system to the car with a sound of its own.

Raekwon ✖ "Snake Pond"

Check out the premiere of Raekwon's "Snake Pond" video off of his Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang album, which dropped in March 2011. Directed by Elephilms.

EDWIN ✖ Factory Video

Japanese brand Edwin has made a fan out of myself, because of the confidence and pride behind the product. Here’s a video showing the detail in their High-quality, HAND MADE denim. – EDWIN has made an excellent choice by showing consumers exactly how much hard work and effort goes into creating one pair of their premium denim.


Talenti - Caramel Cookie Crunch

Found this at Market Street the other day. A little pricey, but worth every pennie.