Noble Tonic No.1 Maple Syrup

Bourbon infused maple syrup sounds damn tasty. Noble’s Tonic No.1 does it. “To create the Bourbon syrup (a.k.a. Noble Tonic 01), a dash of raw Tuthilltown bourbon is added before the syrup is aged in oak barrels. Smooth and creamy tasting, it’s a grown-up take on maple. Tahitian vanilla beans and apple-scented Egyptian chamomile blossoms are added to the Vanilla syrup (a.k.a. Noble Tonic 02), resulting in a delicately balanced, fruity-floral tasting sweetener.” About $50 a bottle. « I'mma need that.frank ocean ✖ thinking about you

It's Kind of a Funny Story ⚡ Under Pressure

Good movie. Great scene.


Best Lens for the Midnight Marauder

With a maximum aperture of f/0.95, the NOKTOR HyperPrime is the fastest lens designed for Micro Four Thirds and E-mount cameras. At open aperture, the lens renders pictures and video with extreme shallow depth of field for a dreamy and unique aesthetic. In low-light photography and cinematography, the lens exceeds the perception of the human eye. From nightscapes to campfires, now you can shoot in situations that are often impossible to capture with a normal lens. Price tag sits just over a stack. 


The worn leather band is the best part about  this timeless  time piece. Freshest Rolex I've ever seen. Typically not a fan. miguel - vixen

Classic Varsity Jackets

Brooklyn Circus ☝ Varsity Jacket ☝ (2011 Fall/Winter)

Skateboard ⚡ Shades

Big fan of SHWOOD for two reasons… Quality organic product and Unique design.
Not impressed by the first half of this video, but when the second half begins, I understand it. The skateboard shades are not for a skateboarder… that’s merely the heart of the merchandise. Its awesome how they “recycle” a relative item to hand make these shades. 
Gotta luh dat…


The "ecology" of love

The Ecology of Love… From the title, to the use of excessive cameras, to the poor accents, and SHORT lived story; this short film tried too hard and came up short on its meaning.
The phrase “ecology of love” isn’t artistic enough to take away from its miss use. Where was the love? In the 18 minutes, I never saw love. I witnessed the ecology of people… but “The Ecology of People” could be used to describe any movie. Therefore further pushing the point that the content of this short film was all over the place and nowhere. I saw a cause with little result, and then a reflection. I feel the reflection made the immature result even less fulfilling and less to think about.
Generally I’m a supporter of a large amount of Pharrell projects, but I wouldn’t standup next to this one. Maybe that’s why it was never released. All I can presume is, Dania Ramirez must have pushed for it’s leaking, because she was undoubtedly the greatest thing about this short. 
I did actually appreciate the game Andre put on Alila. The shadeless lamps, the music, the use of the thrift store. Very Cool! And s/o to Matthew Jensen. He did an awesome job directing.

My future… a fresh youngster wiping his nose on his 100% wool sleeve. “No worries chap… papa will get you another.”


Monclear ✖ COMME des GARÇONS

Monclear collabs COMME des GARÇONS (*"fuck yo fresh" word to jigga) again on a selection of basic yet high-design items for this Fall/Winter.  The line is focused around cold weather attire, but I found this t-shirt and thought it was the nicest piece. These high quality brands doing simple, unique designs have lasting power, so the price is no object…

#Layers = Fall + Winter


Dating VS. Courting

The secret key to a successful long lasting relationship: COURTING
In these current times it has become natural for a couple of a certain age to practice the characteristics of a “responsible relationship.” Those qualities usually parallel the likes of a marriage. Thus making marriage that much more meaningless. When something as serious and sacred as marriage begins to resemble an everyday relationship between two people getting to know one another, it lessens the value of marriage. Dating now looks dangerously like marriage and marriage looks detrimentally close to dating. We’re all fools rushing in. Going from 0-100 in faster than emotions are able to handle.
Once a couple has reached its “serious stage” and begins to act like they are married, a few things are then damaged. All of your emotions become invested into something casual, which is very much like cashing out one’s 401K, and using the entire lump to buy lottery tickets. Lottery tickets are a casual investment, and your 401K is all you have. Now this casual thing has become everything to you. This possibly temporary situation has now become all you have.
Along with rushing and putting all of yourself into a possibility, dating today leaves nothing left for marriage. Why should we get married? because after sex, and moving in together, what’s left to do other than have a child. Marriage is bigger than a baby. A baby will not make a marriage. It is more likely for a child to break a relationship than to help.
Courting preserves the sanctity of marriage. Not only the image of it, but that image is everything. Divorce is popular because of the casual appearance it has been given. But marriage is a holy thing that should be treated as such. It is not something to be rushed into, carelessly tried, or duplicated. A preferred form of getting to know the opposite sex is courting. Saving the best of each other for the next step.

Ron English ✖ Culture Jammin

Ron English is a contemporary artist that’s been blending classic brands and imagery along with current pop-culture since the early 80s. Only as of lately have I taken notice of his work in the street art scene. His guerrilla semiotics approach intended to expose apparently questionable political assumptions behind commercial culture in a colorful way grabs the attention of viewers. English uses common tactics including re-figuring logos, fashion statements, and product images as a means to challenge the idea of "what's cool" along with assumptions about the personal freedoms of consumption.

(photo-realist technique)