The "ecology" of love

The Ecology of Love… From the title, to the use of excessive cameras, to the poor accents, and SHORT lived story; this short film tried too hard and came up short on its meaning.
The phrase “ecology of love” isn’t artistic enough to take away from its miss use. Where was the love? In the 18 minutes, I never saw love. I witnessed the ecology of people… but “The Ecology of People” could be used to describe any movie. Therefore further pushing the point that the content of this short film was all over the place and nowhere. I saw a cause with little result, and then a reflection. I feel the reflection made the immature result even less fulfilling and less to think about.
Generally I’m a supporter of a large amount of Pharrell projects, but I wouldn’t standup next to this one. Maybe that’s why it was never released. All I can presume is, Dania Ramirez must have pushed for it’s leaking, because she was undoubtedly the greatest thing about this short. 
I did actually appreciate the game Andre put on Alila. The shadeless lamps, the music, the use of the thrift store. Very Cool! And s/o to Matthew Jensen. He did an awesome job directing.

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