I continually read “Faith47 this” “Faith47 that” and i finally saw this video today, and was immediately inspired by her passion driven pieces.

There’s nothing better than being drawn to something, and facing it with some sort of mental stumbling block or discouragement. Then finding those encouraging words in the most random places at the right time. No matter how small or insignificant the idea, I believe those moments mean something. So you should wait for those times of enlightenment and listen closely.
The evanescent nature of street-art can be intimidating to those fascinated enough to play their hand at it. I too had been struggling with the thought of creating something that would be involuntarily short lived.

I’ve been thinking for months that I want my stamp all over this city, so I’m constantly trying to invent a symbol that I can identify with that will represent my beliefs, my purpose, my truth… it’s been difficult.
How can one wrap up their true life’s ambition into a single attribute? What is the best part of my reality that I can share that will immediately impact you mentally and emotionally by catching a glimpse of it speeding down 75-South?...
I don’t know yet. But as soon as I do, I hope you’re able to catch it.
It’ll be hard to miss after I’m done with this place.

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