No End In Sight

For a complete grasp of what was going on between 2003-06 in the Iraq war, No End In Sight is a perfect depiction. Not only does it put you in the shoes of the political figures in charge (under Bush), and the troops. But it gives you insight into the Iraq citizen who lived in and through this. It answers the question of why there is/was resentment of our American occupation.
To sum up the general feelings of the Iraqi citizen; "Saddam hurt us badly, it's true. This is something we won't forget. But what came is worse than Saddam." «« Listen to the words of the people we went to "help."
How would you feel if another country came to the U.S. and arrested your father, brother, uncle, and nephew because of suspicion, allowed hooligans to destroy and loot Everything, and killed the guilty and innocent? Let's bring it into some sort of perspective.
Take the national reaction of a Police officer, one of our own, killing an innocent man. We'll give that reaction a number: 1. Take that 1 and multiply it by 2, because now the Police officer is no longer one of us, so we are two times as upset. Take the 2 and multiply it by 220,000, because that's how many Police officers (American/Private soldiers) there are suspected of killing/wrong doing. Now our reaction level is at 440,000. Could you imagine being That upset/scared = PARANOID every single day for eight years?
Now let's jump out of the Iraqi's shoes, and let's see what it cost us to go over there and "help" them.
$1.860 Trillion. Along with a couple casualties of our own, caused by militia, and an uprising in paranoid citizens.
All for what?... Saddam Hussein? I thought we started out to get Osama Bin Laden. Eh... two birds, one war. I guess that's winning................. i guess.

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