Occupy Wall Street

They continue to ask, "What do they want? What do they stand for? What is their catch phrase?" #OCCUPYWALLSTREET stands for all who feel wronged by our government. They are party-less, because they stand for us ALL. So they stand in the gap, in peace, yet people give them a bad name. #OCCUPYWALLSTREET represents the 99%. They are you, and I. Do not be duped by the foolery you see on the news channel you watch to find answers for the questions that concern you on a daily basis. Have peace of mind in knowing that You are a part of the 99% and a revolution has begun. WE are America. The 0.0002% are NOT America. They have not achieved the "American Dream." Those are the people profiting off of our misfortunes. They do not care about us. If they cared anything about us, the gap between us and them would not be so great. Think about it. There are 400 of the most wealthy in the country that own more than the lower 150 MILLION. Ask some of the 400 to come and see what the 150 million are living in... the schools they attend... the jobs... the homes... experience their everyday lives. I would bet everything i have that most of them wouldn't do it. So most of them don't give a damn about you or I,
and those are the people who own this country!
At times I watch Fox News, and i become extremely angered because of the lies the (Right) carelessly spout out so commonly that it appears they believe them. I had a thought, or a 'Day-Dream,' when i heard Herman Cain actually say he believed #OCCUPYWALLSTREET was setup to take attention from Obama's mistakes. I wanted to grab him and shake the truth out of him. I need to know if these Republicans really believe this, and if they don't, why do they say these things? What are they aiming for that would have them lying to millions of people? What will they gain? Why would they use their influence in this way? Why can't they be real and tell us what they truly think, and why? Why aren't they fighting for the things they believe, and if they believe lies, how did they get there and why can't they recognize or acknowledge truths. If they don't like #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, tell me why. If you feel that way, you are completely entitled to your feelings, and THEY MUST BE BACKED BY SOMETHING LEGITAMATE. Tell me what you disagree with. Tell me what you've heard. If you have a position to speak publicly, or some influence on the public,
Tell US The TRUTH. Stop Lying To Us! 
I was watching Bill Maher earlier, and he asked one of his guests about him blaming the president for "using the last year to destroy the economy," and the guest simply said, "Did i say that? Well I'm a Republican haha... and i was wrong. The president doesn't have the power to destroy the economy(.)"
That meant so much to me... to be told the truth from someone with more insight.

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