"Bonjour, macaron!" - Macarons Are The New Cupcakes

On Valentine’s day weekend I was introduced to a “little cookie” that garnished my dessert. The cookie was far greater than the canoli it accompanied. For the following week, I continued to order the dessert simply to get the cookies. So I asked the chef about them and he introduced me to Pierre Herme’s Macaron. Far from affordable, these macarons make the perfect treat. And when I have $100 burning a hole in my pocket, I’ll order a case of 24.

For almost a decade, the cupcake has been on the rise. But its peak is drawing near with the growing awareness of the macaron (NOT macarooooon! This has very little to do with a coconut crusted delight). While everyone was asleep, day-dreaming about how to re-invent a re-invented design on a cupcake, the French were already ahead of the curve with the petite, and fashionable snack. And if it does not crunch lightly, then melt in your mouth, its not a true macaron. It's just another little cookie.
The major key in a lasting trend is exclusivity. Never too much. The macaron being a true pastry, and extremely difficult to make (unlike the exhausted cupcake) will keep people coming back for it. ㋡

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