News: John Thompson's $14 Million Overturned

John Thompson: a BLACK-MAN, who was FALSELY convicted of robbery and murder in 1984 has finally been freed. (Even after it was proven that the state prosecutor, who sent him to jail withheld evidence which would have proved his innocence, Thompson was Not immediately released… -_-)
After being freed, he attempts to sue the New Orleans D.A. (which at the time was headed by The HARRY CONNICK; father of the famous N.O. performer) for wrong doing. He won a modest $14 million. BUT, this was appealed and taken to the Supreme Court where it was over-turned yesterday. Simply stating, “the misconduct in the case was the work of a single miscreant prosecutor,” and the case did not prove “deliberate indifference” on the part of Mr. Connick. Regardless of the prosecutor being an Employee of the State, this was a good enough reason to not give John Thompson any form of reparation for his 18 years innocently served in state jail, 14 of which were in isolation on death row.

The same way there are laws to protect doctors from being sued, there are laws to protect lawyers. Thompson’s lawyers went about suing them the wrong way. Resulting in an appeal sent to a conservative supreme court. Not a formula working in  John Thompson’s favor. But if the prosecutor cannot be held accountable here, than when? 

The justice system ruined this mans life, and is denying him life yet again. Taking him from his life at a young age, putting him through hell, and now allowing him to leave jail. This may seem like a relief at first glance, but when you are John Thompson, unemployed, no experience, no life, starting from nothing at this point is more than stressful. The life they have now allowed him to live is far more difficult than the one he has recently left.
A third of offenders, re-offend… whether it is ignorance or the stresses of life, prison has proven to be nothing relative to rehabilitation.
S/O to the justice system…
S/O to the judges ㋡

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