Miss You BLACK

My friend Dale (BLACK) passed away last night. This is one of those Good guys! A hard working, respectful, and respected Man. People who barely knew him recognized his family had to be proud of the type of man he had become. He had a GOOD HEART.
It was shocking to hear he passed at such a young age, but I automatically regretted not reaching out to him as much as I wanted to. I should have kept him closer in my circle.
Sometimes we get too comfortable in our lives, and relationships become small and less important, because we feel as though we’ll always be here, and they’ll always be there, and we feel like, “We’ll get around to kickn it again when its convenient.” There’s a sense of procrastination that takes over portions of our lives without notice. I’ll miss Black, but he left us with the memory of someone we can all admire. Big K.R.I.T. - Made Alot
 Appreciate the people around you.
See the God within them.
Respect the opportunity to LIVE.

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