POKITT: Ultra Slim Card Holder

With banks and major public transportation systems already widely taking advantage of the scannable cards throughout much of Europe and parts of Asia (Pokitt has flawlessly scanned through with all detectors) and a steadily increasing presence in the U.S., concepts like these stand a chance of reinventing the way we think about wallets.
Brands can get in on the action too by making a customized version through Pokitt's PROMOTIONS CHANNEL. The pliable material can be molded in any color combination and can even be branded with company logos.
At $25 and available in six colorways, Pokitt makes it an affordable choice too. Currently selling through their ONLINE STORE, the Australian based company ships worldwide.
I need this. I'm not a fan of traditional wallets. Even money clips are too much in my pocket. This will fit nicely.

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