Quest SAINT Jacobs: 70s ✖ Hip-Hop Mixtape COMING SOON!!

Yesterday I woke up, and watched Black Dynamite. I thought it would be wise to see what the movie was all about. (It’s funny. They do a great job of emphasizing all the ridiculousness of blaxploitation.)
I multi-task in strange ways, so I was also  reading and watching an Nardwuar interview with Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats. During the interview, Tyler was given several albums that influence his production. Those albums, along with blaxploitations inspired this mixtape. #70sIsh But to keep a focused theme, i've decided to base it around my favorite  tracks from GHOSTFACE & RAEKWON and the 70s songs that inspired the hits. Michael Jackson - We're Almost THere

I may be onto something... ㋡

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