1950s Housewife in LSD Experiment: “FOCUS ON SANITY”

Rare video of housewife in LSD experiment found by Don Lattin (author, freelance, Journalist) while doing research for his book “The Harvard Psychedelic Club.” The study takes place in a VA hospital. Because this experiment was done in the 50s, taking LSD was legal.

Obviously this woman has an enlightening experience. She makes several references to a sort of ‘true reality.’ After watching one experience such a movement, you can’t help but feel curious. But 2011 LSD is not 1950s LSD. And this woman’s high cannot be expected from all who choose to try the drug. Her high is an expression of her mental state, her feelings,  her [HEART] and maybe an extension of her beliefs.
I wish I could talk in techni-color.

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