Videographer, Thierry Guetta, sets off to capture the underground world and culture of street art.  After years of tagging along with different artist, Guetta finally meets the illustrious and in(famous) Banksy, who is merely a pseudonym. Banksy is said Bristol’s, and one of the world’s most famous stencil artist. But his identity is a mystery. He seems to be everywhere and nowhere, but Banksy allows Guetta to follow him and document their activity.

[full length movie]

The documentary takes a complete turn that will have you questioning everything you saw before the change when Thierry Guetta turn's into Mr. BrainWash✩ and steps from behind the camera to play his hand at this thing they refer to as “Street Art.” Whether you’re into art or not,  watch this movie and ask yourself, “What is art?” I recommend this film, because as an appreciator of art, I’ve found that I don’t like all “Great art.” For example, I am not a fan of Basquiat. I am merely interested in his story and who he was, because of the influence and impression he has left behind.

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