2011 DUCATI 1198 SP

Been patiently saving my pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, because I’ll need to come up with more than $5K in spare change to move up from the base 1198 to the higher-spec Ducati 1198 SP. But then, the SP is a lot of motorcycle. For starters, it’s fitted with an aluminum gas tank, a slipper clutch and fully adjustable Öhlins suspension rather than the Showa components used on the standard model. Ducati’s Quick Shift and multi-level traction control, known as DTC, are also part of the performance package.
I personally don't believe the average rider needs this amount of power. This bike is for a collector or someone has the ability and  access to a  ride on a track. The feature that have been added are strictly for improved performance on the race track. But that does not take away from the bike. It only narrows the demographic of the rider.
One sexy machine. ㋡

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