Staple’s gives his beliefs of the importance of publication, and it being able to withhold information, in contrast to the advancements of such news websites, and blogs.
The guy really speaks to the heart and mind. Speaking on his multiple mental reservations, such as the need for so many different clothing options and brands and the access to such. Questioning the need for fashions profusion.
All of this coming from a designer should leave everyone wondering the same thing. I know I do...
About two years ago, I adopted the idea that life is my job, and my attire is nothing more than my uniform. I wear what I want, when I want. I started buying only things that I wanted to wear everyday, and I did/do, until I don’t feel it anymore. Why acquire ten pairs of jeans and five jackets, When you have a favorite of both?
Minimalism is good when it’s something great. 
One pair of great jeans is a good thing. ㋡

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