✖KAWS✖ Standard Hotel present the LE Light Bulb

Calling all KAWS fans! The Standard is proud to announce a Limited Edition series of light bulbs (yes, you read correctly, light bulbs). This is the first time KAWS has created an item so unique compared to his existing body of work which includes the highly coveted toys, shoes, T-shirts, wallets, etc.
I love The Standard and the different projects they have been doing” shares KAWS, “when invited to create something I wanted to redesign something basic that could be found in every hotel room in the world so we decided to make a light bulb.
KAWS has quickly become a strong brand, which is revolutionary for an artist. With nonconformity, and originality, it’s no surprise behind the buzz for a set of $65 light bulb. Kendrick Lamar - She Needs Me (RMX)

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