Jason Krugman's version of a Lite Brite

Brooklyn artist Jason Kruman is stepping into the public eye. Known for his large-scale, LED-based public art installations. in installation art-work they tend to have some sort of loose background in carpentry, and with the heavy use of circuit boards, wires, and handcrafted LED light fixture, he’s definitely an experienced engineer. WRONG!! He quit Wall St. to try his hand as an artist.  He has assembled a body of work based around kinetic sculptures and responsive-lighting installations, such as his “Firefly” installation.

The Firefly Wind Light System revolves around a proprietary switch for sensing the wind. Picture an electrified wind chime; as the wind blows the metal chime into contact with the metal gong, it closes a circuit. Firefly's LED/switch pairs do the same thing, except on a much smaller scale. When the wind blows on their pendulum switch, they light up.

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