Off the Bone... Off the Chain... same thang same thang ㋡

Can’t say I’ve ever been introduced to anyone who claims to dislike BBQ. So everyone can appreciate THIS. Not Dickey’s or Spring Creek (no diss), those aren’t places I frequent. Personally, I seek non-commercial BBQ where I can find pork fat being used in traditional ways, heavy in spices, cakes being made by someones “memaw,” and where everybody knooows your name... With that said, I fell off in Off the Bone one late evening to be pleasantly surprised by great BBQ served in remarkable ways. Not only can you get an amazing half rack of ribsbut if you are facing a drunk’n dilemma and need BBQ AND TACOS, they can serve ANY of their delectable meats in a grilled tortilla which goes perfectly with the Blue Cheese Cole Slaw. “and that f*n CAKE!" 
can’t wait until the next time I’m under the influence and find myself on the south side of town.


  1. He ain't lyin'. Sides are just as good as the main course, which is often not the case at some of Texas' best bbq haunts. Sauces are straight gangster. When brisket and ribs are an option I'm rarely inspired to get chicken, and their chicken is as good as anything on the menu. Unreal. A poor man's Smoke. & that's good.

  2. "A poor man's Smoke." that is Very Good. haha
    mmmm Smoooke