Levi's Made & Crafted 2011 Spring Collection

My name is Quest St. Jacobs, and I’m a MADE & CRAFTED junkie. I’ve been hooked for almost a year now, and it has become impossible for me to replace what I have found in their denim collection. There’s nothing like finding a pair of jeans that fit exactly the way you’d like them to. LEVI'S MADE & CRAFTED has accomplished this, and taken it to another level with high quality fabrics, hidden details, and keeping it classic with the signature curved pockets.

It’s not easy to notice they are Levi’s, because of the stitch on the back pocket to symbolize the logo is hidden on the inside. The extra touches make the line much more impressive, and addicting.
It started strong in the area of denim, and has moved into all areas of attire. And the excellence hasn’t skipped a beat.
The line is available at barney’s.
Trust me… you need this.

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