Imagine watching a less funny, and much more sexual, and serious Super Bad and that is what BBC America has created, The raciest teenage drama I’ve ever seen with true to age teenagers acting out sexual scenarios and dabbling in controlled substances that are realistically far beyond their age, Yet this can hardly be described as “child pornography.” The extent of sexuality expressed in every episode is quite outlandish, but I can verify to never actually seeing anything pornographic. Immoral? Lewd? Perverted? Yes, in plurals. So I can assume the MTV version is just as lurid. GM, Wrigley, and Subway are businesses simply trying to market themselves, so I can’t help but agree with the companies for pulling their advertisements from MTV. I don’t understand why Taco Bell did… it’s not like they care about people or their product with all the gruel they shovel out with taco shells. Aren't they being sued right now for deceiving their customers. "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" Not in their tacos.
I have yet to watch an episode on MTV, but I can imagine they show merely a fraction of the indecency from the original uncut series. But I plan to check it out, because the U.S. tends to do a pretty good job of ripping off BBC television and making it their own.

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