Mister x Imperium x Dearly Departed "Finisher" Bomber Jacket

Aesthetically drawn to pieces I can wear day after day. Items that can stand on their own, and also adapt to whatever else I’m wearing. Understated accents of quality grab my attention, because it exemplifies the preeminence without being gaudy. The embroidery and stitch work is a perfect example of said subtle styling.

This all black tonal colorway on a satin bomber is a casual classic. If I could find some camo-pants (non-cargo) or grab some khaki 5-elevens… #DoneDeal. Unlike most bombers, this jacket has almost a tailored cut to it, so it won’t appear oversized and too short at the same time; which is Reason #1 that I’ve never purchased a bomber. Cheers to  Mister for getting this right.

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